Flat TPS

Our Flat TPS Electrical Cable is suitable for fixed wiring installation for power circuits in domestic, industrial and commercial situations.

We have white, yellow and blue sheath options in 1mm to 6mm conductor sizes on 100m and 200m drums all available cut to length. All sDoc's are available on request.

LAPP Flat TPS Cable has an easy tear PVC sheath to save time when stripping. Bright outer sheath colours help quickly identify between power, switching and air conditioning circuits. The temperature rating is -15 to 90 degrees and they conform to AS/NZS 5000.2 and AS/NZS 1125 standards. Insulation and sheath are flame retardant and tested to IEC 60332-1-2.

We have 200m drums available of the most popular sizes. These are on small plastic drums so they are still nice and portable, but with the increased length it means less wastage and more savings for you. At ECS we can also cut this cable to your required length, so you don’t need to purchase a full drum. This is especially useful for some of the larger conductor sizes such as 4mm and 6mm.

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  • Conductor Size: 10mm

FLAT TPS 2+E 10mm (100m)

Two Core and Earth Flat TPS - 10mm - 100m

FLAT TPS 2+E 10mm (CUTS)

Two Core and Earth Flat TPS - 10mm - Cut to your requested length

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