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20mm Split Conduit - Nylon



The SILVYN® SPLIT is a split and divisible protective plastic conduit made of polyamide. It is suitable in all cases where beside high physical and chemical features also the possibility of an unproblematic subsequent installation is required.

SILVYN® SPLIT gives a high mechanical protection by a filling level of 95%, without that individual core comes out by the smallest bending radius. Areas of application include construction of cars, machine construction, electrical engineering, industry, switchgear manufacture and ship building

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SILVYN® SPLIT COV 20 M25x1.5 BK Reclosable Fitting for Split Conduit LAPP-61806682
(Each excl GST)
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SILVYN® SPLIT COS 20 BK (M5) One Piece Conduit Holder LAPP-61806710
(50 Pack excl GST)
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SILVYN® SPLIT PP 20mm/19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Flexible Conduit LAPP-61806645
(50m excl GST)
On Request
SILVYN® SPLIT PP UV 20mm/19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Conduit, UV and Weather resistant LAPP-61806150
(50m excl GST)
On Request
SILVYN® SPLIT PA6 20mm/ 19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Flexible Halogen Free Conduit LAPP-61806640
(50m excl GST)
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