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20mm Split Conduit - Nylon

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SILVYN® SPLIT COV 20 M25x1.5 BK Reclosable Fitting for Split Conduit LAPP-61806682
$15.60 (Each excl GST)
In Stock
SILVYN® SPLIT PP 20mm/19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Flexible Conduit LAPP-61806645
$1125.00 (50m excl GST)
On Request
SILVYN® SPLIT PP UV 20mm/19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Conduit, UV and Weather resistant LAPP-61806150
$1235.00 (50m excl GST)
Global Stock
SILVYN® SPLIT PA6 20mm/ 19.2x25.3 BK Reclosable Flexible Halogen Free Conduit LAPP-61806640
$1640.00 (50m excl GST)
Global Stock