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Ethernet Sensor Leads

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Connector (M12 D-Coded) 4 Pole Male screw termination (Ethernet) LAPP-22260820
$53.60 (Each excl GST)
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Connector (M12 D-Coded) 4 Pole Female screw termination (Ethernet) LAPP-22261016
$68.00 (Each excl GST)
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Connector (M12 D-Coded) 4 Pole Male (ProfiNet Colour Coding) LAPP-21700647
$69.00 (Each excl GST)
In Stock
IE-PNB-5-M12D-S-1-Y-2-22-7-M12D-S, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Stranded (1m) LAPP-2171025
$109.00 (Each excl GST)
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IE-PNB-5-M12D-S-3-Y-2-22-7-M12D-S, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Stranded (3m) LAPP-2171027
$130.00 (Each excl GST)
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IE-PNB-5-M12D-S-5-Y-2-22-7-M12D-S, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Stranded (5m) LAPP-2171028
$150.00 (Each excl GST)
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IE-PNB-5-M12D-S-2-Y-2-22-7-OE, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Stranded (2m) LAPP-2171032
$77.30 (Each excl GST)
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IE-PNC-5-M12D-S-10-P-2-22-FD-OE, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Dragchain (10m) LAPP-2171059
$190.00 (Each excl GST)
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IE-PNC-5-M12D-A-10-P-2-22-FD-OE, ProfiNet Lead Cat.5, Dragchain (10m) LAPP-2171071
$192.00 (Each excl GST)
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Ethernet IP Lead - M12 Straight to Free end (1m) LAPP-2171103
$64.90 (Each excl GST)
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IE-5-M12D-S-5-H-2-26-7-RJ45, EtherNet Lead Cat.5e, Flex (5m) LAPP-2171088
$114.00 (Each excl GST)
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Ethernet IP Lead - RJ45 to RJ45 (10m) LAPP-2171119
$173.00 (Each excl GST)
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