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Industrial Grade SSD & DDR, by Apacer

A Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Digital Storage and Memory. Apacer’s products provide industrial computers with higher performance and reliability, providing key technical support for industrial applications in many fields. Apacer manufactures a variety of stable and durable digital storage solutions designed for vertical application markets such as industrial, cloud data centers, automotive, defense, gaming, and healthcare.

The New WPB Series Waterproof MCCB Enclosure by Noark

A Superior MCCB Protector for PV Battery Systems - Available from ECS. The Noark WPB series Waterproof Enclosure is suitable for the Noark Ex9MD range of 2-Pole DC MCCB Switch Disconnectors and comes with an IP65NW rating.

2-Pole DC MCCB Switch Disconnectors by Noark

A more Serviceable Approach to Over-Current Protection for PV Battery Systems. Reliable and Proven in the Australian Market for Over 10 Years. Noark Ex9MD DC MCCB Switch Disconnectors are used as a main switch in all kinds of DC applications.

The Award Winning Original MC4-Evo 2 Connector by Stäubli

Stäubli, the leading provider of innovative and reliable connectivity solutions, is proud to announce that its original MC4-Evo 2 PV DC connector passed the testing procedure for the AQM award by TÜV Rheinland China with distinction as the best product in the category PV connector.

Wago JUMPFLEX Signal Conditioners & Isolation Amplifiers

Isolate, Amplify, Filter and Convert

Wago Signal Conditioners and Isolating Amplifiers handle a large number of functions in a wide variety of applications and ensure safe and error-free signal transmission – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications.

The focus is on user-friendliness, convenient operation and absolute reliability. The power supply can be easily commoned using the same profile design across different widths, eliminating the time-consuming wiring of each individual component.

Your Benefits:

  • Calibrated switching between measurement ranges to ensure consistent precision
  • Can be used in extreme environments from −40 to +70°C
  • Push-in connection and various commoning options
  • Intuitive configuration via software, DIP or push/slide switch
Wago JUMPLEX Various Combination Options Diagram
WAGO 857 500 Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioners

Housed in a 6 mm-wide package, the 857 Series sets new standards for signal conditioners.

The modules offer numerous technical highlights and feature a common profile, allowing the same flexible push-in jumpers to be used across the entire line. With its new Signal Conditioners, WAGO is continuing to expand its existing portfolio, offering its customers the best solutions from a single source.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Multiple, easy-to-use configuration options
  • An expanded ambient operating temperature range between −40 and +70°C
  • Safe 3-way isolation with 3 kV test voltage per EN 61010-1
  • Housed in a 6 mm (0.24”) wide package
  • Labelling using WMB + TOPJOB® S marking strips
WAGO 857 424 Isolating Amplifier

Isolating Amplifiers

Isolating amplifiers handle a large number of functions in industrial applications while providing secure, error-free signal transmission.

WAGO’s range of isolating amplifiers offers a suitable solution for every application: The isolating amplifiers are permanently configured with supply voltage and are available as configurable universal isolating amplifiers, bipolar isolating amplifiers, supply isolators and signal splitters. Without supply voltage, the portfolio includes passive isolators and loop-powered isolators.

Your Benefits:

  • Galvanic isolation between input/output/power supply
  • Zero and span adjustment to compensate for error or signal shifts
  • Switchable filter function to prevent signal interference
  • Configurable digital output to measurement range limits and configurable with additional functions (e.g., switch-on delay)
Optimal Use of Data in the Field with Wago Edge Computing


Optimal Use of Data in the Field

In many cases, transferring data from machines and systems directly to a cloud solution is resource-intensive and infeasible due to the low latency required in industrial environments. Edge computing has established itself as a concept that combines the advantages of decentralised cloud architectures with those of a local network architecture.


OT and IT levels within components are converging

The OT and IT levels within components are converging more and more. Not least, this lets employees involved in production know what beneficial processes exist in the IT domain. He gives the example of Docker technology.

Since all the processes are becoming more and more intelligent, more and more data is also being collected. Instead of enormous data volumes being sent to the cloud, a portion of the processing takes place at the network’s edge. So data processing is becoming more and more important where real-time data is involved.

It is also possible to implement low latency applications, more and more computing power is needed and this places corresponding demands on databases directly in the field. That can't be covered by a conventional PLC, but servers are usually overengineered for such applications, therefore, WAGO has introduced two new edge devices that meet these needs: the Edge Controller and the Edge Computer. They benefit high-level language programmers, since they get closer to the sensor as the data supplier.

The last mile ceases to be a hurdle; the IT and OT environments merge. Cloud services can also run on the edge devices, for instance to ensure that only critical data is transferred to WAGO Cloud. Edge devices have additional advantages when data needs to be buffered temporarily, for instance in mobile applications.


With an extensive selection of interfaces

Both new devices are based on cabinet-compatible hardware, can be powered with 24 V and fit perfectly into the automation environment. The Edge Controller is equipped with an ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core processor and an extensive selection of interfaces, including two Ethernet ports, one CANopen port and two USB ports. The visualisation can be displayed locally via the HDMI interface.

Alternatively, the visualisation can also be provided to other Web clients via the integrated Webserver. It also has a serial RS-232/485 interface and four digital inputs/outputs for connecting local devices or sensors. The device can also be connected with Modbus. The diversity of interfaces allows the device to be integrated easily into existing systems.

The ability to DIN-rail mount the Edge Controller – either horizontally or vertically – saves space. Project design can occur in the familiar “e!COCKPIT” engineering environment, so it fits seamlessly within WAGO's automation solution ecosystem. The firmware is also very similar to that of our HMI devices. This also ensures a high degree of reusability on the software side. For instance, existing WAGO Docker containers can be used.

The Edge Controller can be provided with additional licenses for connecting to Bacnet or Ethercat. Data can be transferred to the cloud via MQTT. This makes it very easy to connect to the WAGO Cloud or other cloud platforms. It is easy to set up a multi-cloud landscape.

WAGO recognised the great significance of cloud communication very early on and integrated the MQTT protocol into e!COCKPIT. Our own high-performance OPC UA stack is the next step now. However, OPC UA communication is already possible now too via the Codesys stack.
Optimal Use of Data in the Field with Wago Edge Computing


            Edge Controller / Soft PLC            (            WAGO-752-8303/8000-002            )
Edge Controller / Soft PLC

SKU: WAGO-752-8303/8000-002

            Edge Computer            (            WAGO-752-9400            )
Edge Computer

SKU: WAGO-752-9400

            Edge Computer            (            WAGO-752-9401            )
Edge Computer

SKU: WAGO-752-9401

New Wireless ETHERNET Gateway with Bluetooth, by Wago

WAGO's new 758-918 Wireless ETHERNET Gateway is ideal for wireless data transmission in machinery and equipment applications. This robust device, which has an internal directional antenna and provides an IP65 degree of protection, can be installed directly in the field, for example on a machine. The version with an optional external antenna is ideal for use in a control cabinet or in locations with poor reception.

TE Cable Gland Thread Extension by icotek

TE Thread Extension for cable glands and cable entry plates.

The icotek cable glands and cable entry plates with metric thread are screwed with a locknut during assembly. If the thread lengths are not sufficient, for example when mounting on sandwich panels or thick concrete walls, icotek offers a practical solution: the icotek thread extension.


TE Cable Gland Thread Extension by icotek



The icotek thread extension is available in two sizes (M32, M50) and in three lengths (35 mm, 60 mm, 120 mm) and represents a real innovation in the field of cable management.

The different lengths can be flexibly combined or shortened at the designated points. This means that not only very large, but also dimensionally accurate distances can be overcome when routing the cable. Due to their stable construction, almost any number of thread extensions can be screwed together.

Cut-out size: 37 / 55 mm (standard sizes for hole saws)


Advantages & benefits

  • Wide range of applications in different industries such as construction, building services, caravans, cleanroom and more.
  • Especially suitable for sandwich panels of all wall thicknesses
  • IP protection of the cable gland or cable entry plate used remains in place
  • Almost endless extension possible
  • Different thread lengths can be flexibly combined with each other
  • Larger lengths can be shortened at the notch between the threads, without damaging the threads
  • Milled recess for wrench size for easy tightening of the screw connection
  • Fits to all round icotek cable glands and cable entry plates M32 und M50


  • Material: Polyamide
  • Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
  • Operating temperature: -40 C° to 140 C°
  • Properties: silicone free, halogen free
  • Mounting options: Fasten with locknut



M32 Range

            TE-M32|35            (            52300            )

SKU: 52300

            TE-M32|60            (            52301            )

SKU: 52301

            TE-M32|120            (            52302            )

SKU: 52302


M50 Range

            TE-M50|35            (            52310            )

SKU: 52310

            TE-M50|60            (            52311            )

SKU: 52311

            TE-M50|120            (            52312            )

SKU: 52312

The 360 Degree Cable Entry System, by icotek

DB Distribution Box - the 360° cable entry system

With the new distribution box, centrally routed cables can be distributed 360° in all desired directions. Cables with and without connectors can be routed, sealed with IP54 (acc. to 60529) and strain relieved in accordance with EN 62444.


The DB Distribution Box at a glance


The distribution box is suitable for metric cut-outs M32 - M75 and can be fixed with a locknut, which is included in the delivery.

When using multi grommets, up to 48 cables can be routed and a high cable density is achieved. Thanks to the screw mount cover and the use of split cable grommets, retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly.


Advantages & benefits

  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Easy distribution of cables in a 360° angle
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains
  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly
  • Suitable for metric cut-outs M32 – M75
  • Strain relief according to EN 62444
  • Use of the proven KT grommet system
  • High cable density, wide variety of grommets
  • High flexibility with the use of multi-range and IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommets
  • Hexagonal locknut included in the delivery
  • High stability, vibration resistant
  • Mechanical protection of the central entry point


  • IP rating (EN 60529)    IP54
  • Material    Polyamide
  • Operating temperature    -40 C° to 140 C°
  • Properties    vibration proof, silicone free, halogen free
  • Mounting options    Fasten with locknut


Available Sizes:


Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors by Pepperl+Fuchs

Inductive proximity sensors might sound complex, but they're actually quite simple and incredibly useful devices in the world of automation and control. These sensors play a crucial role in detecting the presence of metal objects without any physical contact. One such impressive sensor is the NBB2-12GM50-E2-V1 Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor by Pepperl+Fuchs. Let's dive into what makes this sensor special and why it matters.