IP65 PV Enclosures

IP65 PV Power

PV Power IP65 Enclosures are manufactured in Europe from ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate). ASA material is extremely tough with good chemical resistance and thermal stability, UV stabilized, and outstanding resistance to weather and aging.

Available from 4 pole to 36 pole with blanking plates included for unused pole spaces. These enclosures are fitted with a small handle for locking the door and can be retrofitted with a key lock assembly. Each enclosure is equipped with multiple metric knockouts in numerous sizes, in top, bottom and sides for extra versatility.

Technical Characteristics

  • Material: Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA)
  • Complies with: IEC 60670-1:2002 IEC 60670-24:2005
  • Rated voltage: 1000VDC
  • Resistance of insulating material to fire (glow wire test): 650°C
  • Tamper evident security seal provisions
  • Protection degree IP65
  • Insulation class II
  • Optional key lock available
  • Made in Europe
  • UV stabilised
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Noark WPB IP65NW MCCB Enclosure Size 1

Noark 2P MCCB Waterproof Enclosure - IP65NW (Frame Size 1)

IP65 Enclosure 4-Pole

PV Power Enclosure, IP65 4p 1000VDC, 1-row

IP65 Enclosure 8-Pole

PV Power Enclosure, IP65 8p 1000VDC, 1-row

IP65 Enclosure 12-Pole

PV Power Enclosure, IP65 12p 1000VDC, 1-row

IP65 Enclosure 24-Pole

PV Power Enclosure, IP65 24p 1000VDC, 2-rows

IP65 Enclosure 36-Pole

PV Power Enclosure, IP65 36p 1000VDC, 3-rows

Lock for Enclosure

Lock to suit PVPower IP65 enclosure

Earth - Neutral Bar

Earth - Neutral Bar (14 + 9 + 8 holes)

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