25mm Flexible Conduit

Solar 25mm Flexible Corrugated Conduit (50m) AS/NZS 2053 HD 'T'
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Most conduit at electrical wholesalers is actually only “medium duty” (ie both the grey and orange types). For solar installations you are not allowed to use standard “medium duty” conduit for any of the DC cables. This is because “medium duty” conduit is not tough enough to ensure a home owner will not cut through into the non-protected DC cables contained inside.

Therefore as per AS/NZS 5033 it is required to use special made Heavy Duty conduit. This conduit has a thicker wall to meet special impact tests. This solar conduit meets the test requirement specified in AS/NZS 2053 for heavy duty conduit.

• Conforms with AS/NZS 2053:5 & AS/NZS 5033
• Marked with “T” and “Solar” for clear identification
• Heavy Duty in accordance with AS/NZS 2053
• UV Resistant
• Compatible with the full range of Marley fittings


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Type Format Size
Shortform 0.11 MB
Products specifications
Size 25mm

Type Format Size
Shortform 0.11 MB
Products specifications
Size 25mm
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