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PV Warning Sticker "DC Isolator shall be in the off position..."
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MC4 connectors can be classed as an isolation point, however it is very dangerous to open MC4 connectors when they are under load. They will give off an enormous DC arc.

Therefore we have created a solar warning label which fits over two connected MC4 connectors. This warning label reads “WARNING: The inverter d.c isolator shall be in the “OFF” position before isolator the PC array”. It tells the home owner the need to turn off the DC isolator before opening the connectors. They must physically cut off the warning label before they can open the connectors.

We have been preforming our own in house testing here at ECS. One product we have been testing for many years now outdoors are these solar warning labels. Over a number of years, the labels have not faded and are still easy to read.

• UV Resistant
• Label comes printed and complete with 2 cable ties


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