Changing I/O Modules Without Reconfiguration?

Changing I/O Modules Without Reconfiguration?

MOXA ioThinx 45mr IO Modules

MOXA's ioThinx 4510 modular remote I/O rids the pain of reconfiguration.

Usually, when you want to copy previous configuration settings to current modules, you have to update all the configuration settings even if you only slightly add, move, or delete a module combination.

This is because the current modules’ settings and channel name of the upper-level software (e.g., SCADA) will be replaced by default settings, so you have to reconfigure the settings of the unchanged modules.


MOXA's ioThinx 4510 IIoT modular remote I/O allows you to keep all the settings you have done from the devices to upper software and only requires you to configure the new modules with no extra effort involved.

iothinx configuration tool iothinx-iiot-modular-io

More Than Your Average Modular Remote I/O

ioThinx 4510 Series

  • Supports up to 32 I/O modules
  • Easy tool-free installation and removal
  • Easy web configuration and reconfiguration
  • Built-in Modbus RTU gateway function
  • Supports Modbus/SNMP/RESTful API
  • Wide temperature design


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