Seminar - Electrical Machinery Standards Update - Hosted By ECS

Seminar - Electrical Machinery Standards Update - Hosted By ECS

This March, ECS will be host to the Electrical Equipment of Machinery EU Export Code Changes Course - presented by Andreas Beyer, Managing Director of ELCO.

The course will run for approximately 90 minutes followed by Q&A’s, food and beverages will be provided and will cost $100 per person.

This practice seminars intention is it to highlight the code changes to IEC 60204-1 Edition 6 – Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: General requirements introduced in 2016 and relevant to all the machinery exporters into the European Union.

Target audience are electrical & control system design engineers, engineering managers, panel builders and electricians who design & built industrial machinery. 

The seminar will illustrate the main areas of concern as described in the topic below and a Q&A session will give room for discussion afterwards.


  • legal and normative requirements EU & cross reference to NZ legislations
  • context European Machinery Directive – Low Voltage Directive


Change to 60204-1

  • scope of application & normative reference
  • electrical control panel design and switch gear selection
  • EMC immunity and emission
  • environmental considerations
  • incoming feeder supply, earthing and disconnecting device
  • the means of basic protection and fault protection
  • overload protection & over-temperature protection for motors
  • a brief introduction into short-circuit current rating
  • equipotential bonding, earth leakage current & VSDs
  • control circuits and provision of acoustic and/or visual warning signals
  • the newly added requirements for wireless remote control
  • Protection against malfunction of control circuits
  • operator interface and HMI design
  • device to effect emergency stop operation
  • thermal balance within electrical enclosure
  • wiring practice and electromagnetic effects EMC
  • socket outlets with RCD
  • Marking of enclosures, reference designations and warning signs
  • technical documentation and generic test requirements
  • design verification to the latest IEC 60204-1

When: Friday 13th March | 1pm to 4pm

Where: ECS in Hamilton

Cost: $100 +gst

*If the above date does not suit but you are still interested, please register your expression of interest below. We may hold additional seminars on this topic.



Andreas Beyer, Managing Director of ELCO - Electrical & Controls NZ Ltd., is a Control System Engineer and Master Electrician by trade and has been involved in a variety of remarkable projects in Europe and in New Zealand.


His experience in electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic control & power switchgear design in conjunction with modular and scalable manufacturing processes is well-grounded on almost 30 years in the machinery and building automation industry. 


Andreas is a TÜV certified Machinery Safety Expert CMSE®. He has been involved in CE & UL compliance for machinery and functional safety design for NZ based machine builders and OEM ́s for the last 10 years.

Andreas Beyer - ELCO