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EKD Energy Chain Systems For Demanding Cable Guidance Applications


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Introducing EKD Energy Chain Systems
Competence in energy chains for industry and infrastructure


As the exclusive distributor of EKD Energy Chain Systems in New Zealand,
ECS takes pride in offering high-quality solutions to meet demanding cable guidance applications.


With a history dating back to 1970, EKD Systems has been a leading manufacturer of energy supply systems. From their original joint tube product, they have expanded their offerings to include a diverse range of Energy Chains and energy supply systems renowned for their exceptional performance, even in challenging environments. At ECS, we provide a comprehensive selection of EKD Energy Chains in various sizes, materials, and designs, tailored to suit local applications. EKD Energy Chain Systems from ECS provide innovative solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Mechanical Engineering, Automation Technology, Robotics, and Material Handling Industries. With our range of products designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, we are committed to supporting your energy supply needs.



What are Energy Chains?

Energy Chains, also referred to as Drag Chains or Cable Carriers, are flexible cable systems utilised across various applications to transmit energy and signals from a stationary source to a moving endpoint. These systems safeguard cables and lines from wear and damage caused by movement, vibrations, or environmental factors, while also organising them efficiently to enhance the operation of machinery and systems. Commonly employed in industrial settings such as Mechanical Engineering, Automation Technology, Robotics, and Material Handling, Energy Chains play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and reliable performance.



Our Key New Zealand Product Range



KOLIBRI Plastic Standard Chain


KOLIBRI Plastic Standard Chain


Ideal for light mechanical engineering applications, the KOLIBRI Plastic Standard Chain offers a cost-effective cable guiding solution. Pre-assembled and available for purchase by the link, this chain allows for precise customisation to meet your specific length requirements. Applications span across Robotics, Material Handling Technology, Conveyor Systems, Food Processing, and more.


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PKK Plastic Combination Chain


PKK Plastic Combination Chain


The PKK Plastic Combination Chain brings together the benefits of plastic cable guides in a robust and versatile system. Featuring the ability to be shortened, lengthened, and widened without the need for tools, this chain offers unparalleled flexibility. Each link is equipped with bolt holes, providing additional versatility and eliminating the need for special end-links for fixing. Designed to handle heavier weights and larger cables and hoses, the PKK range serves a diverse range of applications, offering durability and reliability.


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At ECS, we go beyond merely providing products.

Our skilled technical sales team is equipped to assist you in choosing the optimal drag chain bending radius for your specific application. Additionally, we can ensure the compatibility of cables with the designated drag chain, ensuring seamless functionality. Contact ECS today for assistance in your drag chain requirements on 0800 849 2211 or

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