Whether your application is power, control, or signal/data, LAPP’s EPIC® connectors offer performance you can count on. These connectors provide secure and reliable electrical connections for a variety of industrial OEM equipment and factory floor automation systems.

Available in rectangular, circular, and pin and sleeve power and control signal connector options, EPIC® connectors excel in applications where flexibility, reliability, and durability are key.

EPIC® connectors excel in applications where flexibility, reliability, and durability are key. LAPP Industrial Connectors host advanced technology that relieves strain, guards contacts from external damage, and insures a stable mount. 

EPIC® connectors provide secure and reliable electrical connections for a variety of Industrial OEM Equipment and Factory Floor Automation Systems.



- Installation time savings

- Reduce maintenance downtime

- Secure electrical connections in harsh industrial environments

Application Areas Benefits

- Electronics and telecommunications

- Measurement, testing, and control technology

- Industrial machinery and appliances

- Drive technology and industrial automation

- Photovoltaic plants


- Rectangular and circular connectors - Wide range of rectangular connectors are used for flexible and robust connections in mechanical and plant engineering. On the other hand, circular connectors are suitable for motion control and energy transfer.

- Available in the screw, crimp, cage clamp, strong contact springs and push-in termination.

- Robust - It is a robust and safe range of housings, inserts, and contacts. LAPP has special industrial connectors like EPIC® ULTRA for harsh environment applications in Food & Beverage industry.

- EMC protection - A range of small and high-performing connectors with EMC protection and high corrosion safety. Protection against EMC interference is achieved through a covering of a metallic screen that absorbs electromagnetic waves.

- Connection and contacts - Easy cable connection with straight cable entry in the contacts. H-D series connectors are designed to be used for industrial applications in which a high number of contacts are required.

- Certifications - UL listed, ECOLAB®, CE


EPIC® - Industrial Connectors are Classified as Below


EPIC® Rectangular Connectors

Flexible, robust connectors for mechanical engineering.

EPIC® Rectangular connectors are also available as components. The right connector for any application can be made individually from housings, inserts and contacts. For the housing, there are two performance classes to choose from.

- EPIC® Standard is robust and there is a flexible choice of cable entries.

- EPIC® ULTRA has a high corrosion protection, EMC protection as well as a stainless steel interlocking device.

EPIC® inserts are available in a fixed pin design and as a modular system. EPIC®pin inserts are easy to handle and come in a wide variety of designs. EPIC®modular inserts offer flexibility with modules for data, signals, power, fiber-optics and pneumatics. This means every insert is individually tailor-made for the relevant module configuration.



EPIC® Circular Connectors

Compact connectors for motion control and energy transfer. Circular connectors come in two designs, a signal design with gold-plated contacts for transmitting delicate signals and as high-reserve power connectors.

EPIC® SIGNAL connectors are available as M17, M23 and R3.0 (M27). The metal housing with an integrated EMC screen contact prevents electromagnetic interferences, gold-plated signal contacts reliably transmit with the lowest of currents and voltages.

EPIC® POWER connectors are available asM12, M17, LS1 (M23), LS1.5 (M40) and LS3 (M58). The integrated EMC cable glands offer strain relief and are perfectly sealed with high quality sealing materials for good chemical protection.

EPIC® POWERLOCK connectors are perfect for transmitting very high currents with color code and geometrically code in order to prevent incorrect connections.


Solar Connectors

Long-life PV connector for photovoltaic systems where 1,500V system voltage used for modern photovoltaic plants with huge power. These connectors have crimp connection from 2.5 mm2 up to 10 mm2 for reliable and durable field mounting.

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