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Future-proof Industrial Networking, with Moxa


Industrial Networks Are Evolving. Are You Ready?

According to IDC’s IT/OT convergence survey*, more than 30% of organisations are planning to integrate operational data from systems such as data historian software, industrial control systems, and asset management into their enterprise data governance model for the first time. Closed OT systems will need to move towards a more open OT architecture, which creates new challenges and breaks old models for operating and securing OT networks. Seamless and real-time network communication is the key to turning data into a valuable asset and to ensure continuous operations.

The Digital Transformation Is Accelerating

With the global impact of supply chain disruptions, the pandemic, and the push towards carbon neutrality, there is an urgent need to transform the way industrial organisations are running. Businesses across the globe are now beginning to see operational resilience as an imperative to maintain market share, avoid disruptions, and embrace innovation.

Many businesses are investing in digital transformation and technology to ensure operational resilience. For example, some are shifting towards remote operations while others focus on adding more predictive capabilities. Automation investments have also boomed as manufacturers navigate the complex and fast changing new landscape. Using digital technology, organisations can adapt quickly to changes in the networking environment.

Smoothen Your Transition to Future Networks

To meet future needs, businesses should not only focus on stable network connectivity, but also design the network to support seamless OT data connectivity. However, many companies hit a wall when trying to upgrade their industrial networks. To succeed and set yourself apart, you'll need the help of an expert.

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