Moxa DA-820C Industrial Substation-Computer

Moxa DA-820C Industrial Substation-Computer

Comprehensive Communication Solutions for Power Applications

Moxa’s DA-820C, a high-performance robust 3U rackmount industrial computer with PRP/HSR, PTP, and MMS integration and hardened protection is ideal for transforming your substation to a smart IEC 61850 substation

Compliance with IEC-61850-3, IEEE 1613, IEC 60255, and EN 50121-4 standards ensure stable and reliable system operations in power applications. The DA-820C also supports PTP for a time-synchronised network. In addition, the computers can be monitored through MMS/SNMP and managed using our PRP-HSR network visualisation solution provided by MXview Power.


IEC 61850 Substation Automation

Renewable energy is fast taking over the future of the energy sector. Renewable energy can not only reduce our dependency on fossil fuels but also provide energy security. Substation operators need to prepare their substations and distribution infrastructure to integrate energy from renewable sources by digitalizing their substations for efficient and secure aggregation and distribution of power from different sources. With a digital substation, operators can use real-time data to make smarter and safer decisions faster.

To help our customers embrace digital transformation in their substations, Moxa, based on its successful experience of helping 7,500 substations go digital around the world, has developed and integrated a PRP/HSR, PTP, and MMS solution with visualised management in our computing platforms.

Proactive Monitoring Function

Moxa Proactive Monitoring is a small-footprint, resource-friendly, easy-to-use utility available with some Moxa computers to track a number of system parameters. You can view the current values for key parts by simply clicking on the icons corresponding to the parameters in a Windows-based user interface. User-defined key part indicators (KPIs) are used to monitor the computer’s key parts.

Visible and/or audio alerts are triggered automatically via relays and SNMP traps when these KPIs exceed their preset threshold values, making it extremely convenient for operators to avoid system downtime by setting up predictive maintenance tasks well in advance.

The Proactive Monitoring tool is currently available with the following:DA-820C SeriesDA-720 SeriesMC-1200 SeriesMC-7400 Series.


Digitalise Your Substation With Our DA-820C Series

The DA-820C Series is a high-performance 3U rackmount industrial computer built around a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 or Intel® Xeon® processor and comes with 3 display ports (HDMI x 2, VGA x 1), 6 USB ports, 4 gigabit LAN ports, two 3-in-1 RS-232/422/485 serial ports, 6 DI ports, and 2 DO ports. The DA-820C is also equipped with 4 hot swappable 2.5” HDD/SSD slots that support Intel® RST RAID 0/1/5/10 functionality and PTP/IRIG-B time synchronization.

The DA-820C complies with IEC-61850-3, IEEE 1613, IEC 60255, and EN50121-4 standards to deliver stable and reliable system operations for power applications.

IEC 60255 is one of the most widely used standards for the protection of electrical relays in a smart substation. Compliance with the standard ensures that the DA-820C will work reliably and seamlessly with IEDs as part of a robust substation automation system.

EN 50121-4 compliance confirms that the DA-820C can deliver stable and reliable system operations in rail wayside applications, such as station SCADA systems, wayside disaster prevention, traction power, and signalling and safety systems, to provide an integrated view of your smart rail setup

DA-820C Series

Tailor-made High-performance Highly Available Robust Computing Platforms

Both greenfield and retrofit substation projects require high-speed high-volume communication that can withstand high EMI/EMC interference. The DA series computers are IEC 61850-3 substation computers that feature a powerful Intel® processor and multiple expansion interfaces to enable robust connectivity to smart grids.



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