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Wago JUMPFLEX Signal Conditioners & Isolation Amplifiers

Isolate, Amplify, Filter and Convert

Wago Signal Conditioners and Isolating Amplifiers handle a large number of functions in a wide variety of applications and ensure safe and error-free signal transmission – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications.

The focus is on user-friendliness, convenient operation and absolute reliability. The power supply can be easily commoned using the same profile design across different widths, eliminating the time-consuming wiring of each individual component.

Your Benefits:

  • Calibrated switching between measurement ranges to ensure consistent precision
  • Can be used in extreme environments from −40 to +70°C
  • Push-in connection and various commoning options
  • Intuitive configuration via software, DIP or push/slide switch
Wago JUMPLEX Various Combination Options Diagram
WAGO 857 500 Signal Conditioner

Signal Conditioners

Housed in a 6 mm-wide package, the 857 Series sets new standards for signal conditioners.

The modules offer numerous technical highlights and feature a common profile, allowing the same flexible push-in jumpers to be used across the entire line. With its new Signal Conditioners, WAGO is continuing to expand its existing portfolio, offering its customers the best solutions from a single source.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Multiple, easy-to-use configuration options
  • An expanded ambient operating temperature range between −40 and +70°C
  • Safe 3-way isolation with 3 kV test voltage per EN 61010-1
  • Housed in a 6 mm (0.24”) wide package
  • Labelling using WMB + TOPJOB® S marking strips
WAGO 857 424 Isolating Amplifier

Isolating Amplifiers

Isolating amplifiers handle a large number of functions in industrial applications while providing secure, error-free signal transmission.

WAGO’s range of isolating amplifiers offers a suitable solution for every application: The isolating amplifiers are permanently configured with supply voltage and are available as configurable universal isolating amplifiers, bipolar isolating amplifiers, supply isolators and signal splitters. Without supply voltage, the portfolio includes passive isolators and loop-powered isolators.

Your Benefits:

  • Galvanic isolation between input/output/power supply
  • Zero and span adjustment to compensate for error or signal shifts
  • Switchable filter function to prevent signal interference
  • Configurable digital output to measurement range limits and configurable with additional functions (e.g., switch-on delay)