MC4 Solar Connector Set 100pcs

MC4 Solar Connector Set 50 x MC4 Male + 50 x MC4 Female
Manufacturer part number: MC-MC4-SET-50
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Save time and money by purchasing MC4's as a complete set. Each set contains 50 MC4 Males and 50 MC4 Females.

Original part numbers used are 50 x MC-320015 (male with contact) + 50 x MC-320014 (female with contact).

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• Connector comes with female contact pin
• Suitable for 4mm² and 6mm² cable
• Suitable for cables with an OD between 3-6mm
• Pin included with connector
• IP67
• 1000V
• 30A
• Original MC4 (Multi Contact)


New Zealand Regulations
Please note is it not allowed to plug different brands of connectors together (even if they seem to fit OK). These are original MC4 (Multi Contact 4 connectors). If you do not know what the other connector is, you will need to cut it off, and attach a new MC4 connector.


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Type Format Size
Datasheeet 0.08 MB
Installation Guide 2.60 MB

Type Format Size
Datasheeet 0.08 MB
Installation Guide 2.60 MB
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